Studying Business in Ecuador

Some of the courses for Business majors offered at CEDEI are: International Marketing, International Business, Managing across Cultures, and Strategic Management and Policy.

Over the last fifteen years, Ecuador has grown into one of the most popular countries for foreigners to visit in South America. The increase of tourism has drastically affected the local economy and more and more businesses are opening throughout the larger cities. A lot of these businesses are based on American and European models, and therefore, they must strike the balance of appealing to foreigners while inviting local Ecuadorians into the experience.

Why study Business in Ecuador?

Studying business, management, and policy in a foreign country is a great opportunity to learn about business strategies across cultures. Every culture has its “best” approaches to business strategy, and Ecuador is no exception. Business owners like to meet in person; businesses routinely close down for the 2-3 hour lunch break. There is a tangible presence of American and European influence on the clothing, style, and type of commercial businesses that have opened in the last few years. Large companies, particularly oil and energy companies, have also come into this small country in the last ten years, bringing with them controversy. All of these components are themes discussed in the courses offered at CEDEI in the Business major tract. Here is a course description for three of the courses:

What courses does CEDEI offer in Business?

In today’s economy, Marketing and Communications professionals must do more with less in “real world” scenarios. The course Global Marketing and Communications provides realistic and practical approaches to developing and executing Global Marketing & Communications Plans. National and Regional marketing and its effectiveness on global organizations will be learned as well. By the end of the course, students will have developed a relevant, insightful and differentiating Marketing & Communications Plan, which they can present to prospective employers. Students in this class will become “Smart Marketers & Communicators” as they have fun.

The focus of the present syllabus for Business: Managing Across Cultures is the analysis of how a business must adapt to different cultural contexts. For this purpose, we study the interaction between the culture and the company’s structure, processes and human resources. In this way, the student will be able to understand strategies used to optimize such interaction.
The general objective of the course is to learn the main business practices in different cultures, through the analysis of the differences in various countries. This will provide the background to understand and identify threats and opportunities to do business in a global context.

Another course, in Strategic Management and Policy, is a study of the formulation and implementation of corporate and business strategies to achieve the objectives of the organization. This emphasizes environmental, industry, and competitor analysis and includes stakeholder analysis of government, community, consumers, employees and the natural environment. Other courses can be found below.

Business Courses

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