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CEDEI offers courses for dozens of majors, and the courses offered collaborate with your university. Studying abroad does not have to put you behind in your coursework for your majors and minors. CEDEI works with university partners to ensure that you will receive credit for the courses you choose. Through collaboration, CEDEI crafts its courses based on syllabi for the majors of university partners. Many of the same texts are used, but the courses here also emphasize the daily life and practices of the topic in Ecuador.

Studying abroad also offers the opportunity to dive deeper into a focus of study.  Environmental Science and Study Majors have the opportunity to see the effects of climate change on Ecuadorian landscape, the results of changes in indigenous practices, and the aftermath of large oil companies working in the Amazon. Business Majors have the chance to dive into international business, looking at models in foreign markets and participating in the growing startup movement in Ecuador. Biology Majors can learn about traditional medicines that have been used for centuries. Anthropology Majors can study the 20+ distinct indigenous communities, and the differing cultures between the Sierra, the Coast, and the jungle.

Popular Majors of CEDEI Students

Environmental Science/Studies
International Studies/Relations
Latin American Studies

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