Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program (SIVP)

Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program (SIVP)


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Students and adults with at least an intermediate level of Spanish have the opportunity to study, work and live in the Spanish-speaking community. SIVP may be arranged any time of the year for four or more weeks. Participants spend the first week in an intensive Spanish tutorial, and the following weeks studying Spanish and volunteering in the community.

Participating in the CEDEI Spanish Immersion Volunteer Program is an alternative to a typical vacation. It provides you with an adventure where you will learn, teach, work, and relax. The combination of studying Spanish and working in the community alongside local people enables you to engage in the local culture, enhance your understanding of it, and broaden your world view. At the same time, you give back to the community, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.

Volunteer experiences can include, but are not limited to:


  • Volunteering CEDEI¬†Mentoring local street children by assisting them with their school work, helping them to refine their work skills, aiding them in fostering¬†friendships with their peers and creating opportunities for success and pride
  • Teaching English to young pre-school children from poor, rural areas, both in a classroom and through fun, interactive recreation
  • Collaborating with a local grassroots organization that works specifically with women in an effort to build networks, share experiences and create new opportunities within the local artisan community
  • Assisting a community outreach organization that puts women and children in contact with economic and educational resources available in cases of domestic abuse, divorce or separation
  • Caring for disabled children and orphans, providing them recreational activities and physical therapy, and preparing them for adoption
  • Utilizing personal expertise in medicine, ecology, business or eco-tourism

Some sites require volunteers to have an intermediate proficiency in Spanish, while others (especially placements in healthcare) require an advanced level.


  • 4 weeks: $1366.00
  • Extra week: $274 (extra week doesn’t include dance class)

Price includes (per week):

  • 10 unaccredited hours of one-to-one instruction per week (20 hours during the first week)
  • Room, board and 3 meals with a host family
  • Volunteer placement fee
  • 1 Latin dance class per week
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